En résumé : Points saillants

  • 20 albums « originaux »
  • 4 compilations
  • 2 disques certifiés « platine »
  • 6 disques certifiés « or »
  • 5 félix (catégorie « meilleur album instrumental de l’année »)
  • 4 dvd tous certifiés « platine »
  • 4 vidéo clip
  • Plus d’un million d’albums vendus
  • Centre bell (2005)
  • Place bell (2017)
  • Spécial télé sur le réseau américain PBS
  • 42 spectacles Casino de Montréal (2004)
  • Trois tournées en inde
  • Concert privé pour le prince Philipp Duc d’Édimbourg
  • 2 tournées pancanadiennes avec le Glenn Miller Orchestra
  • Album double enregistré avec l’Orchestre Philharmonique de Prague (disque « platine »)

About Richard Abel

For Richard Abel, music is a balm that heals the wounded soul. “It’s as though I wanted to bring comfort to people with the help of music” he says. This is how he tries to share with his audience, what is most precious to him. As instrumental pieces have no language barriers, it is for him the ideal and most universal way of reaching out.

He has a natural easygoing way of making contact with the audience when he is performing. He considers himself lucky to have this spontaneity. He knows how difficult it is, as an instrumentalist, to stay intimately connected with the audience when he has to turn to his instrument and play.

Second only to music, he enjoys psychological thriller movies. He also favors crossword puzzles. He enjoys listening to cultured people juggle with words, as a musician would juggle with musical notes. He is fond of water-skiing and swimming. Despite having a very sweet tooth, he does watch what he eats. Richard Abel loves wide-open spaces, science and culture in it’s many forms, family gatherings and good documentaries. He has one brother and no sister. He enjoys laughing, which is why he likes stand-up comedy and considers himself lucky to have a brother who possesses a sharp wit.

One of his most memorable moments was meeting Liberace: “I was expecting the artist, the extravagant character that everyone knows. I met a simple, warm-hearted man who has a beautiful philosophy of life. Behind the character he presents on stage, there hides a man and a generous artist, very human and above all, a very disciplined person. Thanks to him, I learned what discipline, perseverance and positivism really are. He has been a great source of motivation for me.”

Richard Abel can’t stand arguments, drugs or abuse of power. He doesn’t smoke. He feels that cigarettes kill those he loves, little by little. Above all else, he hates to waste his time, as he is himself an efficient and productive person. He has trouble dealing with incompetence. He is straight-forward, very sociable and ambitious. His faults? He says he is sometimes impatient, takes on too many things at the same time, and has trouble saying no (which he has had to learn to do when he won the lottery!…).

He loathes injustice, hypocrisy and meanness, and denounces them with a passion. The Christmas season is very dear to him. Christmas carols are particularly touching to him and can bring him to tears. His highly sensitive nature find it’s roots in his childhood, as he grew up in poverty. It’s of even greater significance to him therefore, that making people happy during that special season should remain a priority.


As a child, he listened to his mother play the piano. Today, his career of more than 39 years, with eighteen albums, four DVDs, has been rewarded with two platinum disks, six gold records and five Félix awards for the instrumental album of the year (1992, 1997, 2001, 2005 and 2008).

Despite his phenomenal success, Richard Abel sill  does not take himself too seriously, but his virtuoso talent is still “seriously spectacular”! Since his childhood, the sonority of the piano fascinated Richard Abel and when he was 8, he was already able to play by the ear. The pianist waited until he was 14 to begin to formally study classical piano, while at the same time playing popular music. At 18, he presents his first concert and enjoys being able to move easily from Chopin to the boogie-woogie.

Shinning with the stars

Today, his vitality and talent are recognized throughout the world. He has played first part for some of the biggest performers such as the Glenn Miller Orchestra’s tour and Broadway singer Barbara Cook.

He has also participated in the “Miss China Gala“, not to mention numerous concerts in honor of political figures including Prince Phillip (a highlight of his career), the presidents of Costa Rica and Iceland, the Governor General of Canada, the Right Honorable Jeanne Sauvé, as well as many federal and provincial premiers.

Instrumental music is without frontiers and when you know Richard Abel’s youthfulness and ardor, you understand why his talents are solicited to the four corners of the planet.

Un homme de spectacle

Sa philosophie par rapport à sa carrière: “Je veux avoir du plaisir à effectuer mon travail et je veux le faire sainement. Je me laisse guider par ma carrière et j’irai là où elle me mènera. J’espère pouvoir continuer le plus longtemps possible avec les meilleurs musiciens, car c’est sur scène que je suis le plus heureux.”

Ainsi, à 64 ans, Richard Abel n’a pas envie de s’arrêter. Au contraire, il est en pleine possession de ses moyens, a envie de s’éclater et surtout, d’en mettre plein la vue. Avec plus de 1 000 000 albums vendus au Canada uniquement, Richard Abel suscite un véritable engouement et offre des prestations qui défient toutes les conventions classiques.

Inspiré par l’époustouflant Liberace qu’il a rencontré personnellement à quelques reprises au début de sa carrière, Richard Abel a choisi d’être spectaculaire sur scène en présentant des numéros où l’humour et la dextérité sont en complète synergie. “Entertainer” sans égal, Richard Abel a le “showbiz” au bout des doigts. Sa persévérance et son talent éclatant l’ont conduit sur les plus grandes scènes du monde et le pianiste à bien l’intention de poursuivre sur cette lancée!